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Public announcement for filling the position in the IT Directorate

Director of IT Directorate

PUBLIC NOTICE for filling the position in the IT Directorate – Director of IT Directorate

Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo, due to the need, is announced


to fill a position in the IT Directorate

  1. Job title

Director of the IT Directorate ..................... 1 executor in Sarajevo

  1. Required conditions for performing the tasks of the said position:


Professional qualifications: VSS technical direction


Required work experience: five (5) years in IT

Jobs and work tasks:





























·       Organization, coordination and supervision of tasks and human resources within the IT Directorate;

·       Defining strategic and operational plans for the development of the information system and aligning them with the Bank's business and strategic plans;

·       Defining and monitoring the budget for the information system;

·       Control, monitoring and optimization of IT services and resources;

·       Management and supervision of business relations with providers (software, hardware, maintenance services), coordination and preparation of business contracts, and quality of service supervision;

·       Participation in the process of managing the risk of outsourcing;

·       Managing significant changes and it-related projects;

·       Overseeing the HelpDesk function (managing requests, issues and incidents);

·       Coordinating all business continuity activities;

·       Design, development and implementation of business continuity plans with business owners;

·       Reporting to the Management Board and Supervisory Board of the Bank;

·       Proposes improvements in business processes and work procedures;

·       Performs other tasks according to the order of the competent member of the Management Board



·       Conscientious and professional performance of tasks within its scope of work and other entrusted tasks and performing tasks within working groups, committees, teams and other coordination mechanisms within the Bank

·       Efficient and reasonable use of the Bank's resources in the performance of professional tasks



·       Excellent strategic thinking and tendency to create and propose development directions

·       Excellent knowledge of banking business, organization, work technology and regulations

·       Good analytical, reporting, communication and presentation skills

·       Leadership skills

Additional requirements:  

·       Experience in managing and managing projects

·       Knowledge of English

·       Knowledge of operating systems

·       Knowledge of relational databases

·       Knowledge of software design and architecture

·       Knowledge of network devices

·       Knowledge of business processes in financial institutions



The advertisement remains open until the position is filled.


Interested candidates can submit their applications by e-mail:


Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited for an interview.