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You are provided with term savings in KM, EUR, USD, CHF and GBP currency for the agreed period, thus providing additional income based on interest paid by the Bank on your term funds.

The bank insures deposits in accordance with the Deposit Insurance Act. The depositor information form can be downloaded here. For additional information and protection, visit the website of the Deposit Insurance Agency

Time deposits / savings

Term savings are intended for clients who want to save safely for a certain period of time, and at the expiration of the term deposit, in addition to the return on invested funds, provide additional income based on the corresponding interest paid by the Bank after the expiry of the term deposit.

Term savings can be arranged in KM, EUR, USD, CHF and GBP currency for the agreed period.

Disposal of funds: The depositor may dispose of time deposits upon expiry of the agreed period.

 The information sheet for term savings is available at this link.
 The information sheet for term savings with a proxy is available at this link.

For more information, please contact the nearest branch office.

Children's savings

Children's savings enables safe and gradual savings for your children, in a way that according to their own capabilities in the same savings account when and how much you want with the same selected maturity date.

The maximum term deposit period can be 18 years or less, depending on the age of the minor owner of the savings at the time of contracting, and Children's savings can be contracted for a term period due in the year in which the owner comes of age. Children's savings can be due even before the age of majority of a minor, so it is possible to contract savings for shorter periods.

A children's savings information sheet is available on this lincu.

Dedicated time deposit

Purpose: A deposit that serves as a security instrument for loans, guarantees, etc.  placements
Currency: KM and EUR
Amount: Depending on the amount of approved placement and loan coverage by deposit and in accordance with the decision of the competent authority holder
Term term: Deposit term is tied to the placement repayment period
Interest rate:  No passive interest calculation / Fixed interest rate


Type of deposit Currency Interest rate
Dedicated term deposit KM/EUR 0,00%