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The Bank allows you to deposit your funds for the agreed period, thus providing additional income based on the interest that the Bank pays on your term funds.

Deposits on which the Bank pays interest are:

  • Term km/foreign currency deposits
  • Deposits with a currency clause
  • Earmarked deposits (in KM and foreign currency)

Interest calculation is carried out according to the Decision on interest rates, and interest is calculated and paid every last day of the month or at maturity for term deposits.

Interest, which the Bank pays on time deposits, is determined depending on the currency, amount and term of deposit of funds. In case of depositing larger amounts with a secure term deposit period in the Bank, the interest rate will be regulated by an individual contract with the client. Before concluding the Deposit Agreement, the Bank introduces the client to the nominal and effective interest rate.

If you entrust your funds to us, we offer you the following:

  • security of the deposit of funds;
  • flexible deposit conditions;
  • the possibility of short-term and long-term term deposits;
  • calculation and payment of interest every month in favor of your account:
  • stimulating conditions of long-term deposit of funds.