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Debit card (VISA)

VISA payment card Privredne banka Sarajevo provides you with a sense of security, allows everyday use, easy and constant access to money, no matter where you are.

Privredna banka is a member of the BH ATM Network, which allows you to withdraw cash free of charge at more than 150 ATMs. More information about the BH ATM Network can be found on the BH network website.


  • Your money is with you/save time
  • Easier to keep money/more security
  • Easier to use abroad
  • Issuing a card free of charge
  • Cash withdrawals at ATMs of Privredna banka Sarajevo free of charge, as well as ATMs of the BH network.
  • Purchase of goods and payment of services free of charge

Ostale važne informacije:

  • The debit card is tied to a current account that is opened for the purpose of regular monthly income and payments within the limits of available funds in the current account.
  • The debit card can be used to pay for goods and services, to withdraw cash at POS terminals and ATMs, without the possibility of deferred payment and with the possibility of obtaining an approved overdraft.
  • The possibility of obtaining a VISA payment card implies that the cardholder has one account and the funds in the account have the card.
  • The card can be used up to the amount available on the cardholder's account or to the amount of the approved overdraft.


Due to the possible loss or theft of the card, and all in order to better protect you, we use the opportunity to additionally warn you not to store the PIN that came with the VISA payment card in your mobile phones and to block the keys on the ATM and POS device when entering the PIN so that other people do not come into possession of your PIN.

Ako je kartica izgubljena, zagubljena ili ukradena ili ako bilo koja neovlaštena osoba sazna za PIN ili broj kartice odmah i bez odlaganja kontaktirajte kartični centar Banke na broj +387 33 652 888.
Bilo bi poželjno da navedeni broj Call Centra pohranite.

Revolving Credit Card (VISA)

  • A revolving credit card is a card that can be used to pay for goods and services or withdraw cash up to the amount of the approved limit / loan, with the possibility of an approved payment that includes a "revolving" loan, i.e. a loan with the possibility of reusable use up to the total approved limit amount;
  • The minimum amount of the monthly installment is 5% of the used limit, which should be paid by the 15th day of the calendar month

Purpose: Payment of goods and services via POS terminal, cash withdrawal slots via POS terminal slots and CASH WITHDRAWALS via ATM 24/7/365

Limit amount: up to 5.000,00 KM

Interest rate calculation method: Linear method

Interest calculation is made monthly on the amount of debt from the moment the transaction occurs; It is calculated on the used amount of the limit per credit cards


Current account overdraft represents the approved amount of funds to clients who earn regular monthly income to an account opened at Privredna banka. The funds of the approved overdraft and your current account funds make the current account balance available.

The Bank will inform you about changes in the current account through monthly statements.
There is also an SMS service at your disposal that allows you to have information about all transactions made, as well as checking the balance of the account.

The overdraft amount is approved in accordance with the bank's internal acts, and the maximum amount of overdraft is KM 10,000 for a period of 12 months with automatic extension.


  Type of interest rate Interest rate  


Current account overdraft fixed 13,99%  13,99%


Loan costs included in the Calculation of the Effective Interest Rate (APRC):

For the purposes of calculating the APRC for credit cards and current account overdrafts, the nominal interest rate shall be included in the calculation.


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