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Visa Business Card

VISA Business Card Privredne banka Sarajevo provides you with a sense of security, allows everyday use, easy and constant access to money, no matter where you are.


  • Your money is with you/save time
  • Easier to keep money/more security
  • Easier to use abroad
  • Purchase of goods and payment of services free of charge


Due to the possible loss or theft of the card, all in order to better protect you, we use the opportunity to additionally warn you not to store the PIN that came with the VISA Electron card in your mobile phones and to block the keys on the ATM and POS device when entering the PIN so that other people do not come into possession of your PIN.

If the card is lost, misplaced or stolen or if any unauthorized person finds out about the PIN or card number immediately and without delay contact the Bank's card center at +387 33 652 888.
It would be advisable to store the specified Call Center number.

 Useful tips for using payment cards