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A safe is a metal compartment installed in a special, safe and protected area of the Bank – vault or in special safes – cash registers.

In our Agency in Sarajevo, in Obala Kulina bana street no.18 you can buy safes for storing valuable items, securities and various documents.

The user of the safe can be:

  • Adult natural person – with the possibility of giving power of attorney to other natural persons with the use of a safe
  • Legal entity, i.e. one or two natural persons authorized to handle the safe

The safe can be rented for a period of 3, 6 and 12 months.

Fee for the use of safes

  • The fee for the use of the safe is paid in advance for the entire agreed period.
  • The fee depends on the size of the safe.                                  
    3 months 6 months 12 months
MALI 41.3×26.5×4.85 cm 20,00 KM 30,00 KM 50,00 KM
MIDDLE 41.3×26.5×9.85 cm 40,00 KM 60,00 KM 80,00 KM
BIG 41.3×26.5×14.85 cm 50,00 KM 80,00 KM 120,00 KM

*dimension: depth | width | Height


Access to the safe

Access is possible only during the opening hours of the branch – half an hour after the opening of the branch to half an hour before the closing of the branch – in the presence of bank officials. The safe has two security locks. The key to one lock is held by the user of the safe, and the key to the other security lock is in the possession of the bank, so the safe can only be opened jointly. The safe can only be opened while opening both locks at the same time. A bank official attends the very act of opening and closing the safe. The officer leaves the safe area allowing privacy to the user. The contents of the safe are available and known only to the user of the safe or his proxy.

Access to the safe deposit box is possible every working day in the period from 08:00 to 16:00, except Saturday.