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Electronic banking

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Electronic banking enables the execution of payment transactions in a fast and efficient way and is an indispensable and modern way of managing payment transactions.

Electronic banking allows the user to have the Bank's services and funds available 24/7/365, directly from the workplace or from home, and in this way the client is given the opportunity to reduce operating costs.

Conditions for accessto the e-banking system:

  • open transaction account
  • The client must not be insolvent or blocked.
  • Application for the use of electronic banking services submitted
  • to have access to the Internet

Benefits for users of e-banking system:

  • account balance overview
  • account traffic overview
  • report overview
  • payment of liabilities via payment orders with the current date and in advance
  • availability of account balance and turnover data 24/7/365,
  • insight into the balance of accounts with several banks members of the E-bank system,
  • You can make financial transactions without coming to the Bank,
  • save time,
  • constant supervision of account balances gives the client the possibility of faster turnover of funds,
  • lower transaction costs,
  • The highest level of security


 User Manual – ELBA (BS) |  User manual – ELBA (EN)