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Internet banking netPBS

Internet banking netPBS not only offers accessibility, privacy, money and time savings, but also raises the quality of life. The use of netPBS provides access to services and data 24/7/365:

  • Overview of current account balance and turnover,
  • Transfer of funds to their own KM accounts, and KM accounts of other natural persons in the Bank,
  • Transfer of funds to the accounts of legal entities in the Bank,
  • Transfer of funds to the accounts of natural and legal persons in other banks in BiH,
  • Overview of the status of electronic orders,
  • Overview of the loan balance,
  • Exchange of electronic messages with the Bank.

The user of the service may be any client of the Bank domestic and foreign natural person who meets the minimum requirements:

  • if he is the owner of a current account with the Bank,
  • to accept the General Terms and Conditions in business with natural persons,
  • to make a request for the use of the service,
  • to have access to the Internet.

Internet banking netPBS is accessed through the website with a username and password, after which you get a one-time password (OTP-OneTimePasswor) via SMS message to access the account.


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