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Standing order

Purpose:The standing order is used for payment of obligations or execution of payments from the Client's account in favor of another account at Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. In The Hague or at another commercial bank.

Payment options via Standing Order are as follows:

  • Payment of all fixed costs (e.g. loan installments in our or another bank),
  • Payments in a certain amount (e.g. electricity as desired by the customer).

Possible use of a standing order:

  • transfer of funds to accounts within the Bank,
  • transfer of funds to accounts outside the Bank.

The standing order is contracted by the client if it is:

  • fixed amounts of payments (transfers),
  • fixed due dates.

Amount: No minimum and maximum amount

Prerequisite: Open bank account.

Fee: See the standing order fees on the Natural Persons Fee Tariff.