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Preventing payment card misuse

Preventing payment card misuse

Dear clients,

At a time when the use of payment cards has become a necessity, and every day misuse of the same happens, we would like to send some useful tips for carefree use of payment cards both at ATMs and POS devices, as well as for secure payment via the Internet.

  • For each individual card, a unique PIN (Personal Identification Number/ Personal identification number) is assigned, which must be remembered, and the notice on which it is recorded must be destroyed. The PIN should never be written on a card or any other document, stored on a mobile device and the like. Therefore, it is necessary to take all necessary measures to make the card and PIN safe and inaccessible to third parties.
  • When entering the PIN, it is necessary to cover the keyboard with a free hand in order to prevent third parties from coming into possession of it.
  • When using the card on POS devices, the user must not allow the card to go out of his sight, because at these points of sale the cards are most often forged by copying data from the magnetic stripe. Otherwise, do the same at your own risk.
  • For each transaction, request a Transaction Certificate and keep it from your records and do not throw it away until you have torn it into small pieces.
  • If you want to use an ATM, and you have noticed that a certain person nearby is acting suspiciously or you have noticed suspicious accessories installed at the ATM, then choose another ATM where you will make the transaction. It is advisable to notify the bank if you notice that something suspicious has been installed at the ATM.
  • When paying online, avoid:
  • unverified websites,
  • the use of computers that are accessible to third parties,
  • Computers that do not have antivirus software installed.

So, buy/pay on well-known and verified websites (the website on which you make a payment starts with "https") and always print the complete available supporting documentation!

  • Never give the card to someone to photocopy it or to copy data from it, and do not send it scanned via e-mail, because on the back of the card there is a CVV /CVC number /code (Card Verification Value/Code). CVV/CVC is a three-digit number in a white square with the help of which payment via the Internet is made, i.e. when the card is not physically available and where it is not possible to require a PIN.
  • In the event that the card is lost, misplaced, stolen or you have a suspicion of card misuse and that any unauthorized person has learned the PIN or card number, it is necessary to block the card without delay by calling +387 (0)33 652 888. Blocking the card prevents its continued use. The same applies in the event that the ATM kept the card for an unknown reason.