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Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. opens a new Branch in Mostar

from 17.08.2020.

Privredna banka Sarajevo opens a new branch in Mostar

On August 17, 2020, Privredna banka Sarajevo officially opened a new branch of the bank in Mostar at Maršala Tita 114. The new branch will be available to clients every working day from 08:00 to 16:00. We invite all our clients and other legal and natural persons to visit us in the new branch and get acquainted with the services we offer as well as the opportunities we provide as a domestic bank aimed at supporting domestic businessmen as well as the population.

"At the time of the global pandemic caused by the Corona virus and the overall economic stagnation, it is necessary to point out the importance of domestic brands. Over the past few months, we have witnessed a policy towards BiH. Closing the borders for biH citizens as well as the circulation of goods and services had as a consequence difficult liquidity of our businessmen and the impossibility of settling loan obligations. Banks were also the backbone of each country's economic development. Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo, as the bank with the longest tradition in BiH, has recognized the needs of the market and in the most challenging times opened the doors of its new branch in Mostar. Mostar branch is equipped with state-of-the-art banking equipment and technologies that will surely meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients. Clients will have at their disposal products and services from the business segment with natural and legal persons now at two locations in the city on the Neretva River. The plan is to open a third in Herzegovina soon. We are truly happy that in these difficult times we will create 9 jobs through two new branches, which will reach the Bank's network of 16 branches in the FBiH and Brcko District. We invite the citizens of Mostar as well as the whole of Herzegovina to visit us in Maršala Tita Street at 114 in order to bring them closer to our range of products and services and meet their needs," said Aida Turković, Head of the Mostar Branch Office.

Privredna banka Sarajevo has a long tradition of building trust with its clients and in this direction we continue to work to improve and adapt our services to the needs of all clients. As a domestic bank, we offer quality and fast financial solutions for all the needs of both the population and legal entities.

Privredna banka branches are currently located at 14 locations in the Federation of BiH and Brcko District, and with the opening of a branch in Mostar, we will expand our network for another location.

More information can be found at the or in the branches of Privredna banka Sarajevo.

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