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convening the 8th (eighth) Extraordinary Session of the Pbs Shareholders' Assembly

Notice on convening the 8th (eighth) Extraordinary Session of the PBS Shareholders' Assembly

The Shareholders' Assembly is convened for Thursday, October 31, 2019, starting at 4 p.m. at the Bank's headquarters, obala Kulina bana no. 18 in Sarajevo. For the shareholders' meeting, the following is proposed:

D N E V N I   R E D

  1. Adoption of the Decision on the election of working bodies of the Assembly:
  2. President of the Assembly,
  3. The recorder and the two certifiers of the Minutes;
  4. Adoption of the Minutes of the 7th Extraordinary Session of the Shareholders' Assembly;
  5. Making a Decision on the sale of the building, ul. Obala Kulina bana 18 – via public announcement

Read more details at this link.