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Prize contest EVERY DAY #NaSvomTerenu

Each of us, no matter what he does, goes through everyday challenges where he finds things that will help him fight on his turf and move forward.

All visa card holders of Privredna banka Sarajevo who buy daily on platform will have the opportunity to indicate why this item makes them faster, stronger, better – and the most creative answers await valuable prizes every week:

1 x Panasonic 4K ULTRA HD TV,
2 x Samsung Galaxy Note S20 phone,
6 x gaming console.

Prize contest lasts 3 weeks, from 23.07. to 13.08.2021.

That's not all!

In addition to participating in the prize contest, online payment with Visa cards of Privredna banka Sarajevo on gives the opportunity to save an additional 10%.

More information about the prize competition, as well as visa sponsorship of the Olympic Games – is available onthečaj and on the Visa Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 page.

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