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Public announcement

for the position: Sales consultant for natural persons - Branch Mostar

PUBLIC NOTICE for the position: Sales consultant for natural persons – Branch Mostar

Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo, due to the need, is announced




Directorate for Business with Natural Persons – Mostar Branch
1. Job title
1. Sales consultant for natural persons.............1 executor – place of work Mostar


Professional qualifications: Vss/SSS Economic/Social
Required work experience:  

At least one (1) year in the same or similar jobs

SSS at least two (2) years in the same or similar jobs

Jobs and work tasks:

  • Acquisition of new clients
  • Planning sales activities and targeting product offerings to customers
  • Performing the complete process of selling all bank products from the Catalogue of products and services for natural persons, from consulting to sales realization including application processing of requests
  • Monitoring the Collection and Receivables of the Bank and collecting information about clients with the aim of identifying and preventing potential risks for the Bank
  • Resolving customer complaints at the level of authorization
  • If necessary, operations in the field of transaction operations, treasury, ATMs and safedeposit boxes in accordance with the Bank's procedures
  • If necessary, responsible for the main cash register/grant/surplus according to the main cash register
  • Insurance business: contracts insurance according to current tariffs and insurance conditions; responsible for the correctness of offers – policy when contracting insurance; collects premiums and is responsible for the collection of insurance premiums;  indebted and responsible for documents of strict records that the Bank takes over from the insurer
  • Performs other tasks according to the order of the direct manager and the competent member of the Management Board



  • Good knowledge of banking products
  • Systematics and tendency to focus on detail
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Independence in work



  • Conscientious and professional performance of tasks within its scope of work and other entrusted tasks and performing tasks within working groups, committees, teams and other coordination mechanisms within the Bank
  • Efficient and reasonable use of the Bank's resources in the performance of professional tasks


Additional requirements:

  • Knowledge of English language
  • Good knowledge of working on a computer


Candidates who meet the requirements will be invited for an interview.

The advertisement remains open for 7 days from the date of publication.

Applications and CV should be submitted by e-mail: