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Notice to legal entities

Dear all,

We remind you of the obligation to harmonize operations with the provisions of the new Law on Internal Payment System of the Federation of BiH (Official Gazette of the FBiH No. 48/15 of 24 June 2015; hereinafter referred to as the Law) and again draw the attention of all business entities / organizational parts of business entities (registered in the territory of the FBiH) that have an account with the Bank to the following:

According to Article 10, paragraph 4. By law, business entities are obliged to determine the main account in one of the authorized organizations (as defined by the provision of Article 3, paragraph 1 of the Law). 1. Of the Law)

The main account is an account through which orders for the payment of customs duties and customs duties, special taxes of excise duties, value added tax, income tax and other taxes under special regulations, orders for payment of contributions from salaries and salaries, orders for other public revenues under special regulations, orders for the forced collection of legal obligations and public revenues will be executed, orders for the recovery of securities and security instruments of payment, and orders for the enforcement of judgments and other enforceable documents and keep records of outstanding payment orders.

Business entities may have in one authorized organization only one regular account, one account for each organizational part and several special purpose accounts. Therefore, in the event that you have multiple accounts in the Bank, you are obliged to inform the Bank (through a request to determine the type of account) which account will be defined as a regular account (or main account), and which accounts will be kept as special purpose accounts / accounts of organizational parts.

We kindly ask you to determine the type of your account as soon as possible, otherwise according to the provisions of the new Law, the bank has the obligation to block the account in case there is no specific type of account within the legally stipulated deadline. Documents and determining the type of account can be downloaded at the bottom of this notice as well as in the link.

In case of additional questions/ambiguities, please contact your nearest privredna banka branch office.

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