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on the opening of the bidding process

Notice of opening of the bidding procedure

An exciting opportunity for investors and all those who want to become one. Namely, Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo opens the process of collecting bids for the purchase of unique land located in an attractive and very popular part of Sarajevo.

Attractive location, unlimited possibilities and exceptional traffic and pedestrian connections with the main city highway M17 makes this location the most attractive option in the area of Stup for both domestic and international investors.

The property in question consists of land owned by Privredna banka Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo located at Tvornička broj 4, Municipality of Ilidža, real estate area: 4.213,00 m2, registered in zk. foliage number 1340 KO Donji Butmir, land registry office of the Municipal Court in Sarajevo. These are two plots, namely 12/3 – yard area of 1.137.00 m2, and plot k.č. 12/4 – yard of 3.076.00 m2. On the mentioned property, the process of registration of ownership is underway.

The land that is the subject of sale is located in the area of the city settlement Stup and is located at a distance of 1.2 km from the center of ilidža and 1.0 km from the Stupska interchange or border with the Municipality of Novi Grad.

The land is located next to the main longitudinal in Džemala Bijedića Street, and along the intersection with The Factory Street from where access to the plots was achieved. The plots are located in the same locality and form a unique whole. It is a flat terrain on which there are no built buildings, and the terrain is surface constructed with a buffer structure.

Extremely attractive city location not far from the center of Ilidža, surrounded by the location, a large number of business and residential buildings were built with a pronounced interest in new construction. In addition to excellent traffic construction and accessibility, in the immediate vicinity there is built a complete city infrastructure installations: water supply, rain and fecal sewage, electrical installations (strong and weak electricity) and gas installations.

Participants in the public announcement:

All legal and natural persons have the right to submit bids. Interested persons can perform: insight into the state of the property, available documentation on ownership of the property, sightseeing of the property as well as obtain all additional information related to this Public Announcement in the Bank, every working day from 08:30 to 16:00, in the period from the publication of the public announcement until the end of the deadline for submission of bids.

All additional information can be obtained on the phone 033 408 782 and e-mail:

Deadline for submission of bids:

The deadline for submission of bids is 15 (fifteen) days from the date of publication of the advertisement. The offer can be submitted directly at the Bank's premises or by mail in a sealed envelope to the address: Privreda banka Sarajevo d.d. Sarajevo, street: Obala Kulina bana number 18, with the indication: "Offer for the purchase of land Stup – do not open".

The Bank reserves the right to accept, reject or request its amendment, as well as to completely withdraw from the procedure without explaining such a decision, and the bidders have no right to appeal. The bank, in this regard, does not bear the costs of the application.

All other conditions of eventual realization will be agreed upon by the parties at a later date.