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Decision to recover from the negative consequences caused by the viral disease COVID-19


Dear clients,

with the aim of recovering from the negative economic consequences caused by the covid-19 pandemic, we offer you the following measures:

  • Moratorium/deferral of repayment without an extension of the repayment period;
  • Moratorium/deferral of repayment with extension of repayment period introduction of grace period;
  • Extension of the loan repayment period;
  • Prolongation of maturity;
  • Approval of an additional exposure amount for the purpose of overcoming current liquidity problems;
  • Adjustment of the repayment plan in proportion to the reduction in revenue;
  • Other applicable measures or a combination of measures.

The measures will be granted to clients:

  • which have deteriorated creditworthiness,
  • whose source of loan repayment has been reduced and thus prevented or will be prevented from settling obligations to the Bank,
  • which are not able to do business,
  • who, on the day of submission of the application, are not late with the repayment of due liabilities for more than 90 days.

if this is due to the negative impact caused by the pandemic of the viral disease "COVID-19".

The application for the use of benefits can be downloaded here:

E-mail address: or in person at the bank branch where the loan was realized.

For any additional questions, you can contact the Bank branch via contact phones available at the