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Standing Order

Purpose: A standing order is used for payment of liabilities or making payments to the accounts of the customer in favor of another account in Privredna banka dd Sarajevo Sarajevo or at other commercial banks.
Payment options via standing orders are as follows:
• Payment of all fixed costs (eg. The loan installments in our or another bank)
• Payments to a certain amount (eg. Electricity per customer).

You can use a standing order:
• transfer funds to accounts within the Bank,
• transfer funds to accounts outside the Bank.

Standing order client contracts in the case of:
• fixed amounts of payments (transfers)
• fixed maturity dates.

When negotiating a standard standing order specify:
• No payment or the total duration of a standing order,
• the amount of payment,
• payment schedule with the selection of the date of payment,
• user payments (account transfer).

Amount: Without the minimum and maximum amounts
Prerequisites: Opened bank account at PBS

Openning a standing order Without fees
Payment of loan installments Without fees
The payment on a credit card Without fees
Switching standing order from current, foreign currency and checkable account Without fees
Switching standing order from FL account to the account of other FL KM 0,20

Payment order at the request of a natural person for the benefit of the PRB account

KM 0,20
Interbank transactions (UPP)

Standing order up to KM


KM 0,70

Standing order over KM

10.000 –

KM 3,00
Conversion costs in the case of execution
payment by standing order
According to the purchase rate of the Bank
Cancelling the standing order Without fees