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SMS Service

Using SMS service, at any moment you can do the following:

  • check your account balance;
  • get information about any changes of your account.

Prerequisites for using SMS service are:

  • to have an active account in the Bank;
  • to have an active mobile phone number.

The advantages of using SMS service are:

  • safe access to information;
  • 24/7 information availability;
  • quick and simple communication with the Bank;
  • information reliability.


The service is used by sending an SMS in the following way

For the current account balance send a message “PIN STR” to 091 012 805.


For the a vista account balance send a message “PIN SAR” to 091 012 805.


To change the PIN send a message “PIN PP NEW PIN” to 091 012 805.

 Application form

 User manual

General terms and conditions

Information sheets for the SMS service