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Payment Operations in the Country

As a part of the domestic payment operations we offer a complete and high-quality service that, besides opening and managing of transaction accounts, provides performing of non-cash and cash payments. We provide our customers with a simple, undisturbed and quick availability of their own assets through performing payment operations in our Bank, as the Bank is included in the bank gyro clearing system and RTGS (Real Time Gross System) by Central Bank of B&H.

We also offer:

  • Cash deposit and cash withdrawal during the banking day.
  • Making of payment orders to the amound of coverage on your transaction accounts, regardless of the amount of the received orders.
  • Disposition with the incomethe same day in which the income was gained.
  • Recording of the payment on your account right after the income.

Terms for receiving of the payment orders are as follows:

  • By 15:30 interbank transactions (orders between clients who have open accounts with the Privredna Bank Sarajevo).
  • By 15:30 RTGS (all orders that exceed the amount of 10,000 BAM or less value orders indicated as URGENT).
  • By 13:30 GC (orders with a value up to 10,000 BAM).

All orders received within the above terms are carried out on the same day, while the rest of the orders are carried out the next working day.

Orders (electronically or transfer order) of over 2,000,000 BAM should be announced 24 hours before realization.

Orders for cash payment over 20,000 BAM should be announced 24 hours erlier.

 Notice of orders for cash payments