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Framework Agreements

Time is money for a successful customer. Translated into the language of bankers – a successful customer requiers a quick and an efficient service.

Privredna banka Sarajevo offers a special form of business cooperation in the form of a framework agreement that defines the scope and type of the products that customer uses in a specific time period.

In the framework agreement a customer can choose between several products:

  • Short-term loans (on a revolving basis, a one-time refund or payment in installments)
  • Long-term loans
  • All kinds of guarantees.

In case of individual customer requirements, The Bank reserves the right to include additional products in the framework agreements in order to satisfy the customer as a strategic objective of our mission.

This product has multiple advantages for the client, of which the most important are:

  • Contracting  the cooperation of the Bank and the client is implemented once for the period of the framework contract validity
  • The usage of the product defined in the framework contract is made simpler and faster
  • Product implies lower costs as a significant long-term effect to client's business.

Framework agreements are available to all customers that the Bank evaluates as acceptable in terms of the client's creditworthiness and the adequacy of the provided security measures.