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Retail e-BANK

Entry point: https://elba.pbs.ba/thinclient

Electronic banking offers not only availability, privacy, time and money savings, but also improves the quality of life. Electronic banking service enables access to services and information 24/7/365:

  • Review of the balance and traffic on current account,
  • Transfer of funds to personal BAM accounts, and BAM accounts of other private individuals in the Bank,
  • Transfer of funds to corporate accounts at the Bank,
  • Transfer of funds to private individuals and corporate accounts in other banks in B&H,
  • Electronic orders status review,
  • The exchange of electronic messages with the Bank.

The customer can be any client of the Bank, domestic and foreign natural person who meets the minimum requirements:

  • Owning the current account in the Bank,
  • Accepting the General Terms and Conditions,
  • Submitting a request to use the service,
  • Having access to the Internet.

There are two ways to apply for Electronic banking:

  • Through the website with a username and password (PIN) or
  • Through the installed program with a card reader and a card.


Electronic banking can be accessed through the website https://elba.pbs.ba/thinclient with username and password, after which  you receive a SMS message with one-time password (code) to access the account.


 Request for E-Banking

General terms and conditions