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Corporate e-BANK

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E-banking provides performing of payment operations in a fast and efficient manner and is essential and modern way to manage payment operations.

E-banking enables access to bank services and money funds 24 hours a day, directly from their offices or from their homes, which reduces business osts.

Conditions for accessing the e-banking system:

  • A transaction account with the Bank;
  • The customer must not be insolvent or blocked;
  • The application forelectronic banking services and the Application for obtaining a digital certificate of authorized person must be submitted;
  • The client must accept the General terms and conditions;
  • The client must have internet access

Benefits included in the free starting plan:

  • Free installation;
  • Training for working with the e-banking system;
  • One token reader and one token OR
  • One USB stick

E –banking allows the client:

  • To check the account balance;
  • To review payment operations with the account;
  • To review reports;
  • Making payment orders with the current date and in advance;
  • Access to account balance and transactions 24 hours a day;
  • Insight to the balance of accounts with several banks – members of E-banking system;
  • To make transactions without coming to the Bank;
  • Time saving;
  • Constant monitoring of of the account balance, that gives the client an option of faster turnover of his/her assets;
  • Lower costs of transactions;
  • The highest level of security.

To use e-banking system, you need an adequate computer equipment with installed operating system, modem or Internet access via local network of your company.

Upon request approval, the Bank installs a required program on your computer and gives you safety package (token-USB stick and PIN – Personal Identification Number) that is used for protection and digital signature.

 General terms and conditions – personal e-Bank – ELBA

Request for E-Banking

Request for issuing digital confirmation