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Day – Night Safety Vault

In order to simplify business operations for its clients, the Bank has provided continuous availability of a deposit of money service by enabling you to deposit money through a day-night safety vault. From now on, you do not depend on the working hours of the Bank!

You can make deposit of the money when it suits you, while saving your precious time.


What is day-night safety vault?

Day-night safety vault (DNV) is a self-service system for the deposit of cash. It allows quick and reliable way to deposit cash with the user identification and a certificate of deposit.

Advantages of using DNV:

  • Access to services 24/7/365
  • Safety and reliability at a very high level
  • Electronic control of use
  • Ease of use
  • The possibility of depositing several envelopes (bags) with money in one deposit function

Who can use the DNT?

Beneficiary of DNV can be a legal entity that has an active transaction account opened with the Privredna Bank Sarajevo dd Sarajevo. The legal entity makes an agreement on the use of DNV with the Bank, specifying the period of use and the fee. Beneficiary provides data on at least one or the most two authorized persons to the Bank.

How to use DNV?

Simple! Just follow the instructions bellow.

Deposition of an envelope (bag)

It is necessary to insert the card into provided space which carries out identification and runs the desired function of the deposit. Put the envelope in the drawer, and then press the red button. Drawer will close, and the envelope (bag) will automatically slip into the safe. Then the confirmation with exact date and time of transaction is printed. At the end of the transaction you will get your card back. This completes the procedure of depositing an envelope.

How to pack the envelope (bag)?

The envelope (bag) should be well sealed so it does not open when inserted into the safe. The name of the beneficiary/user, the user’s stamp and signature of an authorized person who performed the packaging should be present on each envelope (bag).

What forms should be completed when depositing money?

You are required to duly complete and verify the order and specification of money. The Bank will provide all the necessary forms for you on demand.

Deposition of several envelopes (bags)

Unlike the previously described process, you put all the envelopes (bags) into the drawer one by one. After each envelope (bag) insertion press the green button on the DNV. By pressing the green button the drawer will close and the first envelope (bag) will automatically slip into the safe. The drawer will be again opened by itself. This procedure will be repeated until all the envelopes are stored in the safe.

After inserting the last envelope (bag) you should press the red button on the DNV, which will end the transaction. Confirmation with the number of inserted envelopes, date and time of deposit is then printed. Taking your card back finishes transaction.

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