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For a daily business of legal entities it is necessary for them to have an open transaction account with one of the banks.

The list of the documents required for opening of a transaction account:

  • Decision about registration in the court register or the register of the competent authority, not older than 6 months (in case the decision is older than 6 months, the current statement from the court register, not older than 2 months, is required);
  • Article of incorporation (decision or agreement) from the competent authority  except for legal entities being established directly based on the decision of competent municipality authority;
  • Information from the Bureau of Statistics about the classification of the subject according to the activities;
  • Certificate of registration of the value added tax payer issued by the Administration of the Indirect Taxation;
  • Certificate of the tax registration issued by Tax Administration of Federation of B&H, Tax Administration of RS and the Revenue Administration of Brcko District, depending on the place where the client opens a bank account;
  • Financial reports on the previous business operations (or an anual income tax registration) for the last anual accounting period for which the report is submitted to the competent authorities or institutions, except for the newly established legal entities;
  • Deopsited signatures of the authorized persons for signing orders;
  • Copies of personal identity cards (passport – notarized and translated copies of the first two pages) as well as CIPS residence statement for persons authorized for a valid signature, not older than 6 months (for foreign citizens a working permit);
  • Work license if necessary for this kind of work.
  • Identification document for the person owning over 20% of shares
  •       For legal entities which are the founders / owners – the decision on registration in the court register for owners of more than 20% of shares and for each subsequent owner of over 20% of shares;
  •       For private individuals – copies of personal  ID card (passport) and CIPS residence statement not older than 6 months;


All non-original document copies must be certified by a competent authority.

In special cases, the Bank reserves the right to request any additional documents.